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Portwell’s industrial ATX motherboards comply with Intel® platforms and provide the ultimate performance and reliability for various industrial applications. With all its ports mounted on a single circuit board, this is a motherboard that allows for ease of use and quick setup in industrial settings. These applications include image processing, data center communication, AI/machine learning computing, and numerous industrial automation applications. They support up to seven expansion slots, boast flexible PCIe configurability, and have numerous input/output connectivity options. As a result, with their long product life span, these industrial ATX boards can satisfy all of your organization’s needs. These ATX motherboards perform very well and offer a wide range of computing capacities.
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ATX Motherboards

搭载英特尔® 第 12/13 代 Core™ 处理器 ATX 计算机板搭配最高 64Gb DDR4 LongDIMM 与 VGA、DP、HDMI、双 GbE LAN 六个COM埠

搭载英特尔第十代酷睿处理器 ATX计算机板搭配最高128Gb DDR4 Long-DIMM 与 VGA 2x DP埠, HDMI、双 GbE LAN,六个COM埠

搭载英特尔® 第 8 代/第 9 代酷睿™ 处理器 ATX 计算机板搭配最高128Gb DDR4 LongDIMM 与 VGA 2x DP埠, HDMI、双 GbE LAN 十个COM埠

Leading Desktop Intel® 7th and 6th Gen Core™ processor (former Kaby Lake/ Sky lake) ATX with DDR4 SDRAM, Two GbE LAN ports, VGA DVI-D, HDMI, Six COM Ports

Leading Desktop Intel® 7th and 6th Gen Core™ processors (former Kaby Lake/ Skylake) ATX with DDR4 SDRAM, Triple Displays, 2x GbE LAN ports, 6x COM Ports