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In the entertainment industry such as gaming, there are many casinos around the world, various new games are constantly being unveiled to catch the players’ attention. Therefore, an attractive visual experience is needed provided that the hardware requires a relatively high graphic performance. Because gambling involves cash flow, so the data security is extremely sensitive and it is necessary to ensure the correctness and retention of cash flow information. The motherboard needs storage to save important data, at the same time the design must meet the requirements of all countries’ regulations and customer requirements.
In this case, the Logic unit we designed complies with GLI-11 and other gaming regulations, allowing customers to enter the casinos in other regions smoothly with this complete solution at any time.


Machine Maintenance

Customer expects that the machine can be easily maintained, therefore, in the design of the system, we place the I/O (such as COM, USB, LAN…, etc.) that needs to be plugged and unplugged multiple times in a centralized manner. It can save plenty of time during the maintenance of the machine.

Multiple Display

In the past, if customers would like to improve Graphic performance, they usually had to add extra graphics card or directly change the CPU into a higher-level to meet the requirements of multi-display and higher performance.

In this case, we launched our solution with which the core is IMX6, support 4 screens in the design of the motherboard and meeting the needs of customization with more displays without the extra graphics card.


Whether AMD or Intel platform, we can both provide embedded AIO gaming solution which complies with GLI, supports multiple displays, optional SAS processing engine, complete gaming functions, and sufficient and rich external peripherals, the best solutions for Slots, EGM, VLT, and ETG.

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