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COM Express® Mini

COM-Express® Mini: COMe Mini form factor (84 x 55mm) and Type 10 pin-out.

COM Express Type 10

The Type 10 COM-Express Module pin-out definition in the mini form factor (84 x 55mm) is defined for low-power platforms to match the feature and performance requirements while maintaining the support of graphic and optimized I/O for small form factor or portable devices.

Type 10 Mini COM Express® 模块计算机搭载英特尔凌动 x6000 系列处理器与 LPDDR4 SDRAM

Type 10 Mini COM Express® 模块计算机搭载英特尔凌动 E3900 系列处理器与 LPDDR4 SDRAM、NANDrive 以及 USB 3.0

Type 10 Mini COM-Express® 模块计算机搭载英特尔Atom® E3800 series SoC 与 DDR3L SDRAM, NANDrive and USB 3.0