If AI does not link with IoT, it’s just like the brain works without sensor to collect surrounded information; however, if IoT works without AI, it’s like you have sensors but no brain to communicate. Therefore, AIoT combining with IoT and AI is the future trend which will reduce overall cost, enhance efficiency, explore new opportunities and develop new business model.

We, Portwell, understand your requirement, and know your pain points when it’s deployed. To solve above problems, we are solving out low latency issue when it’s transferred from Perception layer to cloud by using Edge Computing solutions. According to different application, we built up a middleware by EIS(Edge Intelligent Suit) which can not only manage data from Perception layer, but use Intel OpenVINO to make AI detect and identify images to achieve the demand of immediate processing by end devices. Also, it will sort out useful data from unclassified data and upload to cloud (i.e. Azure, AWS) gathering into Big Data.

Through EIS Edge Solutions, we can easily connect each IoT nodes to apply for different category.

If you’d like to embrace AI and IoT, or experience EIS (Edge Intelligent Suit), your inquiry will be very welcome.