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PTS—Player tracking system, can assist casino operators to communicate with players and analyze player habits, not only provide operators with player behavior patterns but also store, process, and show information to players leading to better user experience.

Player Tracking System belongs to the aftermarket as a device to store and transfer information between EGM and Host and to help operators manage the customers and game status.

We have helped customers develop casino-level player trackers based on the needs of major tier 1 manufacturers, with sales cover markets such as Australia, the United States, Latin America, etc.

Player Tracking System Features

ARM Based Platform

With ARM’s technology, PW can provide customers with the most power-saving and cost-effective solutions that can be used in applications such as PTS. NXP Semiconductors and Texas Instruments are well-known semiconductor companies that design and manufacture IC. We can bring diverse and reliable solutions to customers and save customers’ time for R&D, software, and testing tools.


The size of the machine design should correspond to the narrow belt placement space. 6.2″ is the mainstream screen size for market applications, due to PTS must conform to mechanical constraint and the characteristics of the post-installed system, the PTS connector needs to be designed at 180 degrees. Different from the traditional motherboard method, the circuit and mechanical design is a significant challenge.

Software BSP

In addition to providing software packages with standard system configurations, we can also provide customized software packages according to the system environment requested by customers.

Player Tracking System Solution

We provide PTS product line to meet the needs of the application. ARM-based platforms support 4.3’’ and 6.2’’ inches. We have also developed 5’’ and 5.7’’ inches in response to different markets. Through the integration of customer applications, relevant product lines have passed the regulations.

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