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There are infotainment systems to communicate with passengers in the modern transportation, the basic function is the broadcast system to show bus information and current location. In the bus infotainment system, how to maintain the stability of the bus power supply system and integrated power ignition signal status are the key in the design. In this case, infotainment system connected with bus battery directly, after discuss with customer, we have to follow the below requirement:

Bus infotainment System Features

Smart Power Ignition

Bus information system integrated with bus power ignition system, it will inform the infotainment system to boot up after the bus engine started. And delay power for recommended minutes after the bus engine shut down to ensure the infotainment system will shut down safely. The smart power ignition function helps avoid draining the bus battery intelligently.

Wide Input Voltage

Bus battery design with 24V input, but sometime the power current will unstable, so we design with 12V-36V input to solve this issue. And we found that when drivers accelerate bus, the battery will have inrush of current, we design current protection circuit to protect the system to avoid any inrush current damage.

Smart Connectivity

The infotainment system has to receive data while bus is driving, so we integrated 3G, WIFI, and GPS to ensure communication between bus and control center. We also reserve LTE and 5G signals for the future. When the bus is moving fast, we can also provide a stable signal with a smart connectivity solution