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Portwell’s Single-Board Computer Makes 5G Networks Barrier-Free

Project Background:
With the growing number of mobile devices and IoT applications, global network data traffic continues to increase rapidly. Portwell is developing micro-cell stations with telecom companies to improve basic signal coverage and network capacity in the new era of interconnectedness. We further integrate applications to support enterprises, households, and general users, combining network and smart functions to provide innovative services.

Aside from the need for high-speed and real-time data transmission capabilities, micro base stations are often installed in hot, stuffy environments, such as factories and warehouses. Therefore, it must maintain stable operations in harsh conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity, and closed space. To ensure worker and installation safety, the appearance and weight of the network products must meet the relevant requirements for labor safety and regulations as well.

Project Requirements:
Multi-Band and Multi-Bandwidth
In order to handle a constant flow of packets in real-time, high-performance processors will be required for the 5G all-in-one product to support multi-band and multi-bandwidth applications. Furthermore, the all-in-one system should be designed to meet our partners’ needs.

Environment requirements:
The micro-cell stations are located inside a closed and hot environment, so the heat dissipation system must be efficient, and the operation needs to remain stable up to 50° Celsius.

Appearance and Weight:
The appearance design of the network communication product must meet the relevant requirements. The wall-mounted system also has a weight limit to ensure the worker safety during installation.

System and Peripheral Equipment Integration and Scalability:
The integration of wireless communication and system equipment requires high-speed signals to facilitate the integration of devices. It is also critical to plan for future upgrades so that partners can painlessly upgrade their systems to improve their overall performance without having to replace peripherals.

Portwell Solutions:
To meet the partners’ requirements for this project, Portwell’s ROBO-8115VG2AR single-board computer has a chassis and backplane designed specifically. Portwell ROBO-8115VG2AR is equipped with Intel Xeon® workstation processors and four Long-DIMM memory slots to meet the project’s high performance and speed requirements. To increase network traffic data transfer rates, the system supports 2933 MT/s and up to 128GB of memory capacity. The ROBO-8115VG2AR also supports PCIe (Gen 3) x16, PCIe (Gen 3) x4, or 4x PCIe (Gen 3) x1 with sufficient SATA III ports to optimize data transfer performance and improve data access and response capabilities. Additionally, the backplane provides a full set of slots to accommodate the project’s high-speed signal requirements.

Portwell also customizes the appearance and specifications of the system chassis. Besides the outlook which seems like telecom equipment, Portwell designed the system to have efficient heat dissipation to ensure its working properly under high temperatures. Portwell designed the product to comply with the weight limit required for installation and operation in accordance with regulations to protect the health and safety of installation and operation workers. Moreover, the product design incorporates a simple and easy-to-use wall bracket to ease installation.

With a customized chassis and backplane design, Portwell’s single-board computer, ROBO-8115VG2AR, creates a 5G system with the latest technology and excellent data transmission speeds.  It not only fulfills the expectations of our partners but also meets the needs of hardware devices in the network communication market. Portwell was founded in 1993, which has given it an advantage over market trends in its 29 years of experience. With innovative R&D and design capabilities, excellent product quality, professional technical support, and smooth logistics, we provide our customers with complete solutions. Our mission is to be the best partner in our customers’ growth, as well as the leading brand for industrial and embedded computer solutions.


  • Supports Intel®  Xeon® W/Core™ i3/i5/i7/ i9 /Pentium®/Celeron® processors in LGA 1200 package 
  • Delivers up to 128GB maximum DDR4 2666 ECC Long-DIMM on four sockets 
  • Supports mutiple display by DVI-I(DVI-D+VGA)and HDMI 
  • High speed dual Gigabit Ethernet based on PCI express x 1, high bandwidth I/O interface 
  • Rich I/O connections such as four serials ports, USB3.2(Gen2), SATA III ports 
  • Support on board TPM2.0